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Conveyancing costs

If you are looking to sell, mortgage or purchase a property you will benefit from expert legal advice and if a mortgage is involved, your lender will require a conveyancer to act. The legal advice you receive from your chosen conveyancer is part of an ongoing relationship that endures from the day you first meet or speak until the day when you complete your move or mortgage. It is important that you chose that conveyancer carefully as during that time your move will often progress or stall depending on the knowledge and experience on offer to you. Your conveyancer should not only be knowledgeable and efficient but should understand and know how to deal with the pressures, problems and frustrations you can face.

We are happy to discuss any issues with you in an initial interview or over the telephone on a free of charge basis. One of our principles of practice is to achieve high client satisfaction and to offer best conveyancing practice and procedures. One aspect of that principle is to ensure our clients know the costs involved with their transaction. We will therefore provide you with a detailed costs estimate based on your answers to a few questions and which we need to know about the property or properties involved, whether mortgages are involved and whether you qualify for Stamp Duty Land Tax exemptions or will be subject to a surcharge on the duty payable.

Please feel free to contact any of our conveyancers so that we can confirm the position on costs and the payments to various 3rd parties (known as “disbursements”). Our conveyancers all hold 30 years plus experience. They are Paul Berg, David Taylor and Tricia Merrett, any of whom can be contacted by e mail to or by telephone on 01582 760161. We will always send you a personalised and itemised list of costs and disbursements applicable to your transaction and whilst details on costs may appear complex as set out below the personalised costs package we send to you after our initial discussion is easy to understand.

This gives the costs for the work listed below and which we expect to undertake in any conveyancing transaction:

For a sale:

For a purchase:

Confirmation of the costs and payments you must make to 3rd parties, (known as “disbursements”) are provided to you at the onset on the basis that we will be carrying out all of the work above with no further costs liability to you. We expect a reasonable amount of chasing to be necessary and we undertake this without any liability to other costs arising. We also expect to liaise with you and other parties to achieve exchange and or completion as reasonably necessary, again without any liability to further costs arising.

However, problems or complications that have to be resolved to enable a sale or purchase to proceed can be encountered after we provide our cost and disbursement figures to you and/or a need for further unanticipated work may arise, particularly so for the sale or purchase of a leasehold property if there are more complex requirements from the landlord or a property management company involving for example title restrictions that have to be satisfied, deeds of covenant, company membership or shareholdings, or the acquisition of a share in a freehold. This can mean that we will need to discuss a liability to further costs or disbursements with you.

Unexpected problems or complications may relate to your property or to the property you hope to purchase and if they arise, we will contact you to explain the particular problem and how we feel it is best resolved and to discuss any further expense you may need to meet. Good relationships with our clients are important to us so we do not do this unless it is reasonable and proper to do so and we will always tell you if we think there may or will be a liability to further costs so that we move forward with your agreement.

We will provide you with a list of anticipated charges for dealing with further or additional work at the onset of a transaction.

Whilst we do need to speak with you at the onset of a transaction to be able to best advise you on all issues, including costs, we can confirm our costs will be based on the following:

  1. For a freehold sale at a price of less than £500,000 – costs are £850 plus vat;
  2. For a freehold sale at a price between £500,000 and £1,000,000 – costs are £950 plus vat;
  3. For a freehold sale at a price between £1,000,000 and £2,000,000 – costs are £1,500 plus vat;
  4. For a freehold sale at a price of over £2,000,000 – costs are £2,500 plus vat;
  5. For any leasehold sale there is a standard charge of £500 plus vat;
  6. For the redemption of a mortgage simultaneously with the sale, there is a standard further charge of £150 plus vat;
  7. For a freehold purchase at a price of less than £500,000 – costs are £850 plus vat;
  8. For a freehold purchase at a price between £500,000 and £1,000,000 – costs are £995 plus vat;
  9. For a freehold purchase at a price between £1,000,000 and £2,000,000 – costs are £1,750 plus vat;
  10. For a freehold purchase at a price of over £2,000,000 – costs are £2,750 plus vat;
  11. For a leasehold purchase there is a standard further charge of £500 plus vat;
  12. For the purchase of a new build property, there is a standard further charge of £500 plus vat;
  13. For the completion of a mortgage on a property, taking place simultaneously with the purchase, there is a standard further charge of £150 plus vat;
  14. For any purchase involving the submission of a Stamp Duty Land Tax Return, there is a standard charge of £50 plus vat and for any purchase registered at the Land Registry via electronic registration (which will reduce the Land Registry fee you pay by 50%) there is a standard charge of £50 plus vat;
  15. For an electronic transfer of funds via the CHAPS or bank TT system we have a standard charge of £40 plus vat and adopt that means of transmission for the extra security it offers, and for each client identity check we make there is a standard charge of £20 plus vat.
  16. In addition to our legal fees, you will also have to meet the disbursements payable. For a sale, you should expect Land Registry fees to be met, typically around £6-24 and for a purchase, you should expect fees typically around £275 for the searches outlined above, Land Registry search fees typically around £5 to £7, Land Registry registration fees based on the purchase price or value of the mortgage and payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax, primarily based on the purchase price. There is an electronic tax return fee payable of £12 when we submit the relevant purchase data to HMRC. Details of the applicable Land Registry registration fee and of the Stamp Duty Land Tax liability are available via HMRC and Land Registry websites although we will always confirm these to you when we know more about your particular property transaction.

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