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Paul Berg & Taylor are an Accredited Conveyancing practice
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Here we provide regular updates about about developments and practice areas within our firm, or relating to the services we can offer.

Access to a wide field of legal advice
We specialise in certain areas of the law. From time to time we are called upon to advise on matters that are outside of those areas, or our clients need outside specialist advice. Because we value our specialisation, we do not advise on matters when we feel that we do not have the expertise in house.

Over many years of practice we know who can and who does not give what we consider to be adequate specialist advice. Therefore, we have developed working relationships with a number of firms who we are happy to recommend to you - these are generally specialist firms dealing with specific types of matters, for example property litigation, injunctory applications, copyright or employment law. We have no referral arrangements with them because we value our independence but for our clients who do need further and specialist advice they have proved themselves to be invaluable. We will always discuss with you when we feel a link to external advice is suitable.

Solicitors Negligence
There are occasions when even the most careful of legal advisors makes a mistake and there are others when a simple step is overlooked or a level of client care is sorely lacking. Over many years of practice and because we strive to provide high levels of service and expertise we see examples of our clients having suffered loss at the hands of their former legal advisers either due to error or an absence of proper client care.

We are providing a service to our clients whereby we will give consideration to their problems in this area. This intial advice is often on a no fee basis, and often our knowledge of legal systems and a solicitor's professional obligations to his client enable us to see a mistake quickly rectified at no cost to you although sometimes a matter requires further specialist advice and a decision whether to consider legal action for recovery of losses. In either case, an initial discussion may be beneficial to you. Please contact us for further details of this service.

Covenant Access and Boundary Issues
Many clients own properties that are subject to covenants preventing for example a change of use or development.

We have experience in seeing these types of covenants varied or sometimes discharged. Our advice and at an early stage may be invaluable if you are intending to develop your property or see part of it used for further development. The application or enforceability of covenants on land is a complicated area of the law that will require specialist advice. Please contact us for a without obligation initial discussion.

Access and boundary problems are matters that can require early and decisive action on the part of our clients. There can be considerable uncertainty over the whereabouts of a boundary or the extent of an access right. Our experience in property and land law gained over many years of practice has enabled us to give detailed advice over the problems that sometimes present themselves to our clients. Please contact us for a without prejudice initial discussion.

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