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Paul Berg & Taylor are an Accredited Conveyancing practice
This firm has achieved accredited status. To learn more about the status afforded and benefits to you, please visit the Law Society's website,

Paul Berg & Taylor achieve Law Society Accreditation
Paul Berg & Taylor are approaching the first anniversary of their accreditation with the Law Society under the Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme introduced in 2010. The firm has achieved accreditation not only because of its expertise and experience in conveyancing but also because of the systems procedures and checks affording protection to its clients and a guarantee of best practice in conveyancing. Our standards of service means that our clients are guaranteed to receive best conveyancing advice and the benefit of best practice. Accreditation is also granted because of the absence of complaints against the firm and its history of no negligence claims. The firm is happy to provide further details of the benefits that accrue to its clients as a result of accreditation and the advantages it can offer to them in all conveyancing transactions and if you would like us to discuss these with you, please contact us - our Contact us page gives full details.

Client Satisfaction Surveys
The firm is proud to announce the results of its Client Satisfaction Survey in residential conveyancing. At 1st January 2019, over the course of the last 7 years more than 98% of our clients responses to the following questions:

How satisfied were you with the overall service received from us?
In general how satisfied were you with the service you received from us in relation to how quickly we replied to telephone calls, how quickly we replied to your telephone calls and how quickly we replied to your letters or e mails? and
How satisfied were you with the level of service afforded by your conveyancer?

was either "satisfied" or "very satisfied" in all categories. In addition, more than 98% of our clients have told us that they are happy to use Paul Berg & Taylor again and are happy to recommend us. To find out how we achieve these levels of satisfaction, please contact us for a chat. Our Contact us page gives full details.