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The firm has gained considerable experience over many years in dealing with business sales and acquisitions. With access to the very latest library of specialist advice and paperwork, the firm can handle share and business dealings with the levels of expertise and professionalism required to avoid costly mistakes and oversights.

Having dealt with all manner of commercial property transactions from dealings with factories, shops and offices to the acquisition of commercial sites for redevelopment, the requisite levels of expertise and advice are available to ensure that these transactions are concluded with the aim of achieving a successful outcome but without our clients inheriting future unknown or unanticipated problems.

Property development is undertaken by a number of our clients when our expertise is available to see single and multiple plot acquisitions through to completion and our unique IT systems enable developers to achieve early exchange on subsequent plot purchases as all relevant documentation is hosted for download by interested purchasers at the earliest stages. Property developers are welcome to discuss their proposals with us and to investigage the services we can offer.

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